For more than five decades, the HAM-LET Group has been producing the industry’s most advanced, leak-tight tubing fitting systems for every type of systems and to this day it still does with its LET-LOK® brand — the most high-quality systems available.


About LET-LOK®

The LET-LOK® system is the result of decades of investment by leading experts in the research, design, development and manufacture of these systems. Today, clients can select from a full range of advanced, hi-tech industrial-standard systems that are offered in different kinds of materials for any industrial application to proficiently grip and seal tubing making them the best solution available.

LET-LOK® tubing systems are also meeting the increasing industry demand for fittings that can stand use in severe high-pressure, vacuum, and high-performance environments, such as nuclear, petrochemicals, electronics, power, fluids, and other key industrial applications.

The Inner Workings of LET-LOK®

LET-LOK® connectors are created for easy-of- use and assembly. Firstly, insert the tube into the entire assembly until the tube bottoms-out against the fitting body. Secondly, the mechanical force created by turning the nut clockwise, drives the two ferrules forward between the fitting body and the nut. Thirdly, the back ferrule is pushed up against the front ferrule’s tapered rear and the front ferrule is then forced into the body’s tapered mouth. Fourthly, the rear ferrule is swaged outwardly inwards on the tube while raising the front ferrule out in forming a full-faced seal on the tapered surface of the body. Finally, the 3/4 and 11/4 turn (depending on sizes) of the nut from the hand-tight position, guarantees tight-proof drive of all the sealing components. This provides an extra guarantee that the seal can tolerate high-pressure and high-vacuum environments.

Safety and Security

The HAM-LET group is motivated by a fundamental policy of providing clients with a product that is safe. For this reason, every LET-LOK® connector has undergone – and passed – a sequence of rigorous tolerance tests, including those for vibration, vacuum, high-pressure, impulse, and temperature. Every connector is also created by industry experts consistent with the maximum quality-control standards using ultramodern computerized methods. They certainly proved their aptitude in withstanding all severe conditions. Also, LET-LOK® tubing’s ability to remain leak-tight exists in in their physical geometry and mechanical advantage.

When investing in a LET-LOK® connector, clients are given a large amount of information and tips to make sure their selection is the right one for their application. This is yet and additional way to guarantee that they have excellent outcomes that are also safe. It is not only important to choose connectors that are consistent with exact application requirements, but to operate, install, and maintain them correctly. To maintain one’s safety also take into consideration material compatibility, application details, and product ratings when choosing a mechanism.

HAM-LET aims to deliver every customer with the confidence that their LET-LOK® fitting will bring them only satisfaction and safety!

Out of all the college programs, getting a computer science degree can often the most difficult and challenging. Not only do you have to learn complicated math – you also have to go through incredibly demanding prerequisite courses. Moreover, it can be a serious competition to actually get into the best classes – with the best professors. Whether you go to Pepperdine University or USC online, it can help to know what you are getting yourself into. On top of that, it can help to know what the most difficult parts of getting a computer science major are. If you love programming, the challenge should be quite satisfying. Here are a few reasons why getting a computer science major is so difficult.


You Have to Take Tough Prerequisite Courses

For your first year of college – and your first two semesters of your computer science degree program – you will be taking some heavy-duty prerequisite courses. These courses will require a lot of reading, a lot of research and a lot of studying. Getting through these courses will help you prepare for the real world of computer science – you can think of it like getting over the hump.


Math Will Be a Big Part of the Curriculum

Your prerequisite courses will involve a lot of math. Indeed, math will be a serious part of your curriculum throughout your college experience when you are in a computer science program. If you love math, then you are perfectly ready for this type of degree program. However, if you don’t enjoy math, you may want to think about going into a different degree program – one with less ones and zeroes.

It Can Be Competitive to Get into the Good Courses

In any computer science degree program, there are good classes and then there are the best classes. The best classes always have the greatest professors – professors that are engaging and thrilling to watch teach. Because of this, it can be hard to get into these classes. Of course, you can apply early, but even then it can be difficult to get placement.

Your Final Thesis Project Will Be a Doozy

Before you graduate, you will be tasked with creating a thesis project. This could be in the form of building a database, creating a cloud system or coding an application. For some students, this thesis project lays the foundation for their entire career. If you are ready for this type of commitment, you are more than ready for the challenge. However, you do need to think about this project early on in your degree program.

Finding a Good Internship Can Be a Challenge

On top of everything, you will also want to find an internship in college. A good internship can be difficult to find. Just like popular classes are hard to get into, so can a popular internship. The best way to score an internship is to network early and work hard. In the end, your talent will trump everything when it comes to applying for an internship.

As a college student you want to be aware of any kinds of campus safety threats, but you also want to make sure that you stay safe online. Making sure that you know how to keep your social media profiles and your computer safe is extremely important, because a lot of college students don’t realize just how often they are targeted by hackers and stalkers. You don’t necessarily need to be paranoid at all times that someone is going to steal your identity or stalk you on social media, but you should be aware of how to protect yourself from these kinds of dangers. Here is some general online safety tips for college students.

Don’t Incite Anger Online

It can be very easy to let certain dialogues or posts get you upset when you are surfing the internet. People get very emotional about politics, social issues, and all kinds of other subjects and they are very ready to make their opinions known at any moment. Unfortunately, Internet trolls are very real and they can be relentless if you happen to push their buttons. There’s always going to be bizarre people saying stupid things on the Internet, so the next time you read something that bothers you, just close the page and move on.


Always Log Out of Campus Computers

Whenever you are using a campus computer, you want to make sure that you tread very lightly. Any time you log into your email or any other account, you should make sure that you don’t have the “remember me” box checked. You also want to make sure that you erase your history completely when you finish using a browser, and then you need to logout of the computer completely. Otherwise, your personal information could very easily be stolen.

Keep Your Passwords Complicated

The last thing you want to do is use the same password for all of your online accounts, and you definitely don’t want to make it too obvious. For example, if you go to Barry University, your passwords shouldn’t have anything to do with Bucky the Parrot. You should make sure that you use a good mix of capital letters and lower case letters, and include a good mix of numbers and symbols as well. This might be hard to type at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will get.

Be Cautious with Online Dating

Online dating is one of those things that can be a lot of fun, but only if you know what you’re doing. You’re probably used to doing a lot of things online if you’re in one of UC’s online FNP programs, but that doesn’t mean that you know how to integrate your online and your real-world personalities in a safe manner. When you go out on a date with someone you’ve met online for the first time, you need to meet in a public place, and you never want to reveal any personal information on the first date.

Don’t Always Let People Tag Your Photo

It can be great to have friends tag you in photos when you are together for major events, but that doesn’t mean that you always want your photo tagged. If you notice that your friends are tagging you in photos that you don’t want circulating around the Internet, then be sure to untag yourself right away. You need to have control over your online image at all times.

In today’s digital age, business broad-bands are an indispensable item of usage in various industrial sectors. Industrial broad-band is different from the one that we use at home. The performance of the business depends largely on it and hence the quality of the broadband matters a lot. They are tailored according to the requirements of the business and are thus more suitable in this respect. Here are the advantages of using best business broadband:


  • Service level agreement: This is the customer’s service order agreement which will allow more reliability. This feature is always present in the high-quality business broad-bands.
  • Better speed: The best business broad-bands have higher speed as compared to the others and this will allow a better flow of work for the business.
  • Call handling and support: Another great facility provided by them is call handling and support which is quite significant for any kind of a business set-up.
  • Faster response and resolution times: They come with faster response and resolution times and are thus ideal to carry out the business procedures.
  • Higher Bandwidth Rates: Higher Bandwidth Rates allow for higher data transfers and eventually reduce the download times.
  • Optimization of the speed: The business broad-bands come with an option of optimizing the speed. You can ask for a faster connection depending on your requirements.
  • Unlimited plans: There are unlimited plans so that one can go for unlimited downloads for the purpose of the business.
  • Better facilities: Even the limited plans come with better facilities such as higher bandwidth and higher data usage.
  • Multiple access: A large number of users can access it without compromising with the speed.
  • Static IP address: One can also enjoy the advantage of using a static IP address.
  • Fewer customers: The number of customers is less here as compared to the other plans where the presence of a large number of customers leads to a decline in performance. Also, the customer care is better here due to limitation in the number of customers.
  • Scalability: The broadband plans are scalable and can be easily upgraded or downgraded according to the requirements.
  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure is also better here with an online user interface and dedicated account manager.
  • Prioritization: During the peak time, business usage is prioritized and this is a great advantage for the users of this scheme.
  • Customization of the speeds of upload and download: A business that is mainly dependent on downloads can opt for higher download and lower upload speeds. Similarly, you can also go for higher upload and lower download speeds. Most of the businesses require higher downloading speed since the video output of the surveillance camera needs to viewed and hosting of the web-servers or email-servers needs to be done.

Symmetrical speeds for upload and download is also allowed.

All these account for more preference of these broadband connections in the business sector!


User generated content is a broad term used to describe any kind of content created by users themselves. It can be something as simple as a social media post with your company name mentioned in a hashtag or something as complex as a video review. You can benefit from all types of user generated content, but in order to do so, you also need to control the flow of positive and negative feedback.

Stay in touch with your customers

Any means and methods, which lead to long-lasting, positive connections with your customers are something you should consider and, if possible, apply. User generated content is basically customers’ attempt to reach out to the retailer, therefore you should never ignore it. Always reply to posts, pictures and videos posted by your customers on your website or social media profiles. Make sure your replies are polite and enthusiastic, even if the review is lukewarm. Remember that every time someone comments on your services, this information does not go away, but can circulate over the Internet for many years and be read by hundreds of customers. Whenever you engage in online discussions with your customers, always keep in mind potential readers. Encourage more user generated content by promoting your favorite posts and stay in touch with customers who commented on your services.

Build trust among prospective customers

Even though online shopping feels almost as natural as buying products offline, many customers still feel anxious about buying from online retailers, whose services they have never used before and might be reluctant to buy expensive products this way. User generated content gives you a chance to alleviate these fears and promote yourself as a trustworthy retailer. In order to do so, you have to make sure that user generated content posted on your website feels natural and provides information about actual real life situations (to avoid suspicions that you have created these comments yourself). Welcome also neutral reviews, but always reply to negative comments and try to solve these problems. Send customers links to post reviews after they have received ordered products and offer small discounts for every review posted.

Create a strong social media presence

Follow the example of the most promising and successful online retailers: their social media presence always involves user generated content in the form of posts, pictures and videos shared by satisfied customers and followers. And strong social media presence is the key to encourage new purchases among your followers. To solidify your social media presence, hire Magento agency to make sure your social media profiles are properly embedded in your online store and to create a consistent brand image for both your social media profiles and your online store. Reach out to bloggers and offer your products or hire their services in exchange for positive reviews of your products. Popular bloggers always have their own base of followers, so investing in their services can lead to more new customers and better brand awareness.

Increase traffic to your website

User generated content can also indirectly help you generate more traffic to your online store. It is a well-known fact that search engines, such as Google, rank higher these websites, which are regularly updated with fresh content. Creating a new content day by day can be really difficult, especially for small online retailers, who cannot afford to pay for this kind of services and do not have time to do it by themselves. User generated content is a great solution: it is fresh content created by other people regularly and free of charge. The benefits are difficult to dismiss: better ranks in search engines, as well as more new visitors and prospective customers.

Passwords are still one of the main cyber security threat.

“Finding a password to protect an online account is easy, but a lot of users have a hard time with selecting a password that is easy to remember and that will keep their account secure.” Says Georgina from cyber security company, Amethyst Risk

Here is how you can select a safe password:

  • The password should include eight or more characters.
  • Mix upper and lower case letters, spaces, symbols, punctuation and numbers.
  • Avoid using words that can be found in dictionaries, regardless of the language.
  • Never use the same password for two different sites.
  • Choose passwords you will be able to remember since writing down your passwords somewhere is not safe.
  • Choose a password you can type at a fast pace to reduce the risks of someone being able to read the password as you type it.
  • Change your passwords once a month.
  • Change a password if you think that someone might know it or if you think someone saw you type it.

Choosing safe passwords doesn’t have to be complicated:

  • You can create passwords with safe password generator software.
  • Create a safe password by using the first letter of each word from a sentence or a line from a song.
  • Create nonsense words by alternating one consonant and one or two vowels, for instance, “coutaipa”
  • Create a safe password by combining two short words together and separating them with punctuation or a symbol, for instance, “milk&dog”.

There are a few things you need to avoid:

  • Never use a password that can be found by someone who has access to your personal information, including your name, your birthday, the name of your child or pet, your phone or your address. You shouldn’t use part of your name or address either.
  • Your password shouldn’t be based on your email address or username either.
  • Your password will not be safe if you simply add a number or symbol after a word, for instance, “computer1”.
  • Do not repeat the same word twice, for instance “computercomputer”.
  • Do not write a word backwards, for instance, “retupmoc”.

Keep your passwords safe with these tips:

  • Do not save your passwords on your computer, unless you can encrypt this information.
  • If you are asked to save a password by your browser or Windows, say no.
  • Never share your password via email, instant message or via another method of communication.
  • If you write your passwords down, do not leave the piece of paper or notebook next to your computer and keep the paper or notebook locked if possible.
  • Do not tell your passwords to anyone.

This is how hackers can try and steal your passwords:

  • Someone might look over your shoulder when you enter a password or find the notebook or piece of paper where your passwords are written.
  • If you use a password based on your personal information, someone who has access to this information can guess your password.
  • Brute force attacks can be used to try thousands of combinations until your password is found. These attacks only take seconds and thousands of combinations can be tried thanks to fast processors and software.
  • Dictionary attacks can be used to try every word that can be found in a dictionary. The software can be used to try thousands of words from dictionaries, including technical words and common combinations used for passwords, such as “qwerty”, “admin” or “12345”.

Visit Password Guide for more information on how to keep your passwords safe.

Leasing a car is a desirable option for many people. You can drive the hottest, newest cars and pay only the fraction of the price of buying it. Some may believe it is throwing money away as you never finish paying off a car for good, but some people don’t mind this so much, and just look at it as another monthly expense. You do want to be careful though and avoid common mistakes. Here are just a few for which to watch:

Paying Too Much Upfront

Shop around carefully before leasing a vehicle. Don’t get sucked in by ads boasting really low monthly payments, but then requiring thousands of dollars upfront to qualify for that sweet deal. This money is usually used to pay a portion of the lease up front. But should the car get stolen or totaled within those first few months, you are unlikely to see any of that money. Many auto experts advise not paying any more than a couple of thousand dollars max to initiate a lease. Do your homework on this one. Search for car dealers with lease specials.

Not Purchasing Gap Insurance

Just like a car you purchase, the value of a leased car plummets the moment it gets driven off the lot. Should the car get stolen or totaled, the insurance company would pay out the value, but it may not cover what you owe under the terms of the lease. Gap insurance protects you in the event you would end up owing a balance. Without it, you would have to pay for that money out of pocket.

Underestimating Mileage

The low monthly payments used to lure you into the dealership have lots of conditions attached to them, namely very low mileage limits. Typically the lease allows for 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year, and you would incur an additional charge of 18 to 25 cents a mile for anything in excess of these limits. Doesn’t sound like much, but that can surely add up over a few years if your driving habits are such that this is an insufficient amount.

Think carefully about your driving habits and whether this amount would be sufficient. If you think it isn’t you can ask for a higher limit, though this would likely incur a higher monthly payment. But, in the long run this could end up being cheaper than paying overage fees.

Leasing Too Long

The average car lease is two to four years, though some have longer terms. You don’t want to lease too long as you could end up incurring lots of additional charges in maintenance. It is recommended you lease the car no longer than the life of the warranty. This is usually around a period of three years, and at this point, a car may start need various sorts of work. It is one thing to pay for a variety of costs and then be able to drive the car for years without having to pay for these things again. But, you don’t own this car, and you don’t want to invest all this money in something you have to give back. If you do take a longer lease, consider purchasing an extended warranty.

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In the game League of Legends champion Fizz is one of the strongest warrior among others. Champion Fizz has many especial skills and abilities which helps you to win battles. Like all the other champions Fizz also have some advantages and weakness, but if you understand him better than any other; you can defeat enemy easily.

You can pick champion Fizz for your team as warrior and before you do this, you must know his picks and stats for patch 6.15 as well as to become a good Summoner. Now let’s start with his best picks.

Here Are the Best Picks and Stats

Like the other Champions Fizz has some strong against other great warriors in the game League of Legends and which Fizz can beat them easily in the battle field. You can order him in front of them to finish off.

Fizz: Strong Against

Champion Ahri

  • Ahri has the Counter Rate up to 61%, Wining Rate 52.5%, Games – 238 and KDA – 2.2.

Champion Lux

  • She has Countering Rate up to 58%, Wining Rate 53.3%, Games – 152, and KDA – 2.2.

Champion Yasuo

  • Champion Yasuo has the Countering Rate up to 58%, Wining Rate 51.4%, Games – 210 and KDA 2.6 and Fizz can beat him easily.

Champion Zed

  • This great warrior has the countering Rate up to 57%, Wining Rate 51.2%, Games – 166 and KDA 1.9.

Fizz: Weak Against

This is much important to remember or stay alert before these warriors. Because they are good enough stronger than the Champion Fizz. They can kill Fizz within a short time in the fight zone, you have to be careful when Fizz is against them.

Champion Gangplank

  1. Champion Gangplank is one of the most top warrior in the LOL game that Fizz cannot stand before him at any chance. He has the Countering Rate up to 49%, Wining Rate 45.2%, Games – 104 and KDA is 2.2.

Champion Annie

  • She has the maximum Countering Rate up to 45%, Wining Rate 41.7%, Games – 103 and KDA 2.1. Champion Annie is very tough player for Fizz and he can’t beat her with a single strike. As a result, champion Fizz lose the battle.

Champion Lissandra

  • Champion Lissandra has the 49% of Countering Rate, Winning Rate up to 46.3%, Games – 108 and KDA 2.2 and she is a powerful warrior in the game League of Legends.

Champion Syndra

  • Champion Syndra is another great warrior who has Countering Rate up to 50%, Wining Rate 47.5%, Games – 101 and KDA is about 2.3.

Here is the Champion Fizz Stats for Beginners

Stats                                 Base                           Per Level

Health –                                                      555.48                                             +86

Health Regen –                                          8.175                                               +0.7

Regen –                                                       6                                                       +0.8

Attack Damage –                                       58.04                                               +3

Attack Speed –                                                                                                   +3.1%

Attack Speed Delay –                              -0.05

Attack Range –                                          175

Armor –                                                     22.412                                            +3.4

Magic Resist –                                         32.1                                                  +1.25

Movement Speed –                               335

However, Champion Fizz is the great warrior in the game League of Legends and you can pick him as your champion. Once you remember all the stats and picks of Champion Fizz for patch 6.15, you can beat other strong opponents one by one in the battle field. But you have to stay alert from the other powerful warriors in the game League of Legends.

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It may seem very easy to follow the footsteps of Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel or Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and become a millionaire overnight but developing or inventing a mobile app from scratch is not the easiest thing in the world. It requires immense dedication and knowledge, a lot of time and money and most importantly – an insanely brilliant and out of the box idea that is 100% unique.

Here are 7 important questions that you need to seriously ask yourself before you walk into your boss’s office and quit your current job –

  1. Am I doing this as a long term thing?

To be a successful entrepreneur, it can take years of hard work, perseverance, and efforts. Don’t listen to the stories you hear of someone getting a bright idea and making millions overnight. Ask yourself if you’re honestly ready to invest the time, energy and money to stick with your idea for a mobile app development and lead it to a successful business venture rather than just a six-month hobby. Remember that entrepreneurship is a long and hard journey to reach a final destination. So take the plunge only if you’re in this for the long haul.

  1. Does my idea have a market?

Understanding the current market, customer development process, customer service, market competition, etc is crucial before deciding whether your mobile app idea will have sustenance in the market. If you’re trying to develop an app that already has stiff competition in the market then you’ve already got yourself a big problem. You need to make sure that your product or service idea stands out from the crowd and is a new and untouched idea that nobody else has thought of yet. Then again, if you’re entering unchartered territory like Twitter did back in the year 2000 you’ll have to have a strong argument to validate the need and use of your new mobile app.

  1. What is my buyer persona?

This basically means who your buyers will be, and if you don’t already know it, start doing some thorough research on customer demographics, motivations, and behavior patterns.

  1. What profits will I make?

Shockingly, 99% of mobile apps don’t make enough money for their inventors and rarely make even a profit. Make sure to monetize your mobile app and have strong reasons for why customers would want to pay for your app. Unless it has high utility people are not going to be willing to pay for services or products.

  1. How am I going to launch my app?

Getting the first 100 customers is crucial to launch your app on a good platform. Think about the different advertising and marketing alternatives you’re going to be using to launch your mobile app and how much they’re going to cost. Developing your app is only half of the job, the other half is marketing it well and attracting customers and potential buyers. Facebook advertising is a good way to start getting buyers. SEO and content marketing are good strategies to attract buyers in the long term.

  1. Do I have enough resources for marketing?

You don’t have to spend a bomb on marketing and advertising strategies but it’s about finding the right strategy that works and not wasting time, money and effort on marketing strategies that are not working for your mobile app. Spend time experimenting with different strategies and what suits your product best without wasting too much money and resources. You could even approach an external agency that specializes in marketing and SEO services to get your app going on the right foot.

  1. Am I working with the right business partner?

Who you partner up with to build and develop your mobile app could either make or break your entire business idea. If you’re a non-technical founder, spend more time and money on developing your product and making it better rather than the marketing aspect. Remember that no amount of marketing is going to help promote a product that blows. If your product is great in itself and satisfies customers immensely, your marketing costs will automatically reduce as you won’t need to even market your app.

So, before you delve into the wee hours of the night developing your mobile app, ask yourself these 7 crucial questions and see if this is the right idea for you.